What We Do

Our interim CFO services offer comprehensive financial management solutions to small- and medium-sized organizations and include specialized nonprofit and startup practices.

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Our financial restructuring practice supports companies in correcting financial and operational issues caused by significant disruptions to business dynamics.

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What Our Clients Say

“Head and shoulders above all others…we considered Navitance a part of the team here.”

Iacocca Foundation
Deb Cecere,
The Iacocca Foundation

“Navitance helped us run our business more effectively…they were with us every step of the way.”

Greg Flett,

“We are better able to build the capacity of our organization and expand, thanks to Navitance.”

Lisa Connolly,
Lynn Home

“With Navitance, I have complete confidence my books are being done right.”

Robert Wise,
Law Offices

“Working with Navitance was a breath of fresh air for us…they helped move our business forward.”

Carolyn Cusolito,
Prospect Hill Beverages
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How We Think

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Financial restructuring and interim CFO services