Startups: Ready to Grow

Navitance financial services for startups, startups accounting servicesStartups growing quickly don’t have the bandwidth for an internal accounting infrastructure – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the need.

At Navitance, we’re familiar with the scaling challenges you face and are fluent in the financial applications and platforms that will make your accounting experience easier and more efficient.

As your outsourced accounting and financial services team, we combine our tenured experience and personalized approach with the digital delivery of financial recordkeeping, reporting and reconciliation – providing you with a clear and concise financial picture.

Having a partner that works at the intersection of ease and expertise is meaningful for all companies, particularly those seeking to raise capital and requiring financial fitness.

As an advisor and champion, we are poised to support your needs today and capable of serving your company’s expanded requirements in the future by:

  • Leveraging technology to improve efficiencies and consolidate reporting
  • Monitoring proximity to and achievement of revenue targets
  • Organizing and optimizing financial data to secure more funding
  • Planning ahead to generate the revenue required for continued growth

‘You have the vision. Now talk with someone who can give you the best advice about expanding your business and improving how you operate.’ – Carolyn Cusolito, Prospect Hill Beverages

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