Bookkeeping Services: Beyond Basics

Whether clients need help to handle the aspects of day-to-day bookkeeping or simply entering transactions at the end of the month, our team will take charge of getting the financial books in order with extensive bookkeeping services.

Navitance also has the resources to grow with clients as their businesses grow, bringing the skills and experience organizations need as they evolve in value and financial complexity.

Our promise. Navitance takes client finances seriously and understands that accuracy and exactness are of utmost importance. We unequivocally stand behind our work and are committed to earning our clients’ trust and gaining your highest level of satisfaction. We don’t deliver anything less.

We believe you shouldn’t be distracted from your core business by bookkeeping and financial services. Let us be your outsourced experts, enabling you to get back to powering your business’ success.

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Bookkeeping Services include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining Chart of Accounts
  • Recording financial transactions, including purchases, sales, receipts and payments into journals, on either cash or accrual basis of accounting
  • Managing accounts payable, including vendor bill paying
  • Managing accounts receivable, including customer invoicing
  • Preparing sales tax returns and making sales tax payments
  • Performing bank reconciliations
  • Posting journal summaries into the general ledger at the period end
  • Preparing the unadjusted trial balance at the period end
  • Preparing 1099s for the independent contractors at year-end