“We considered Laura a part of the team here at the Iacocca Foundation…Navitance’s involvement went well beyond the process of just moving numbers around.

“Navitance taught us several lessons about bookkeeping and accounting, and the impact of our business decisions as they related to proper bookkeeping.

“Laura’s initiative, her formal intake process at the start of her engagement, and her outstanding organization skills and expertise gave us true peace of mind about the bookkeeping function in our company. Navitance is head and shoulders above all others.”

Deb Cecere, Operations Manager, The Iacocca Foundation, ‘Head and shoulders above all others’

“Navitance took the time to understand the complexities of our organization, a not-for-profit organization that works internationally in multiple currencies.

“As we approached our first financial statement audit, we had a lot of learning to do and needed to improve our infrastructure. They were with us every step of the way, supporting us on that steep learning curve.

“My advice is, don’t wait to bring in help. Don’t wait until you are too big to handle it. Put the infrastructure and systems in place so you can scale up without losing momentum and time.”

Greg Flett, IEFT, ‘With us every step of the way’

“Our 100-year-old nonprofit was undergoing a major expansion and reorganization, and we needed a strong CFO to help us organize our resources, be compliant with our reporting requirement, and push forward to the future we envisioned for ourselves. Navitance did that for us and more.

“We had a huge job to change our reporting to reflect our organizational changes, and Navitance was up the task. They were absolutely professional, accommodating and a great resource.

“They have a remarkable ability to translate financial information so that all members of our management and Board can understand it in a meaningful way.”

Lisa Connolly, Lynn Home, ‘A great resource’

“Navitance took such a weight off of my shoulders.

“I used to spend countless hours each month doing my own bookkeeping. Their work saved me these hours, which I can now dedicate to serving my clients.

“I have complete confidence my books are being done right.”

Robert Wise, Law Offices, ‘Complete confidence’

“Working with Navitance was a breath of fresh air for us. With them, we get much more than just bookkeeping.

“As a growing business, you need a vision about where you need to go, and it’s really important to be able to call on people who have a good professional perspective – and who can give you great advice to help you make the best decisions.

“Navitance asked all the right questions and made strong strategic observations, recommending changes that have helped us move our business forward.

“We never felt like a faceless corporate entity – they’re interested in people and helping them succeed.”

Carolyn Cusolito, Prospect Hill Beverages, ‘Helped move our business forward’