Free yourself from the time consuming and error prone tasks of bookkeeping.

Enjoy complete confidence that your financial accounting is done right.

Create a culture of excellence with our financial leadership and expertise.

Get practical help using QuickBooks for your company finances.

What We Do

Our bookkeeping and interim CFO services offer comprehensive financial management solutions to small- and medium-sized organizations and include specialized nonprofit and startup practices.

Our financial restructuring practice supports companies in correcting financial and operational issues caused by significant disruptions to business dynamics.

What Our Clients Say

“Head and shoulders above all others…we considered Navitance a part of the team here.”

iacocco bookkeeping logoDeb Cecere, The Iacocca Foundation

“Navitance helped us run our business more effectively…they were with us every step of the way.”

Greg Flett, IEFT

“We are better able to build the capacity of our organization and expand, thanks to Navitance.”

Lisa Connolly, Lynn Home

“With Navitance, I have complete confidence my books are being done right.”

Robert Wise, Law Offices

“Working with Navitance was a breath of fresh air for us…they helped move our business forward.”

Carolyn Cusolito,, Prospect Hill Beverages

Navitance offers specialized financial services to a wide range of industries and organizations needing more than what their in-house resources can provide. Our virtual bookkeeping and financial services enable business leaders to focus on strategic issues and growing their company, rather than on routine financial matters. Whether yours is a start-up locally here in Boston, MA or a long-established company in Austin, TX, a nonprofit or a for-profit business in Seattle, WA, we support you and your business in reaching all your financial goals.

Who Is Navitance?

Navitance is a team of financial professionals with decades of experience across numerous sectors. Our bookkeeping and part-time CFO services offer comprehensive financial management solutions to help companies of all sizes and industries stay on track and on budget for success. You can count on our attentive financial experts to work proactively to help you build and maintain the financial resources and stability you need to keep doing what you do best. Outsourcing your financial tasks with Navitance:

  • Provides you with relevant financial expertise
  • Costs less than hiring full-time in-house financial experts
  • Lets you focus on other aspects of running your company
  • Drives the long-term growth and financial health of your company
  • Offers flexibility with in-house, outsourced, short-term or long-term options available

Our Focus

Bookkeeping – offered to for-profit small businesses and large companies that need help with accounting services and cash management

Nonprofit Bookkeeping – we have experts ready to help in the nonprofit world

Part-Time CFO – for companies that don’t need a full-time Chief Financial Officer, but may need help with any of the following: cash flow management, business strategy and planning, financial analysis and planning, improving gross and net margins, credit and risk management, audit preparedness and representation, and more

What Do We Do

Interim CFO Solutions benefit you with an outsourced CFO and allow you take advantage of our years of insight and expertise without the cost of a full-time CFO. Our part-time CFO services match your needs and resources and guide your business through periods of challenge, growth or transition. We work on-site or off, for a short time or long-term to help you increase profitability and improve your company’s cash flow, financial condition and value.

Financial Restructuring Solutions support companies in correcting financial and operational issues caused by significant disruptions in their business dynamics. Our Chief Restructuring Officers are highly skilled at assessing your company’s current performance and its market dynamics to quickly identify the underlying causes for its financial distress. Our CROs work with you to develop tactics that help you return your company to a steady, solvent state step by step.

Bookkeeping Services feature bookkeepers who provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services, whether you need help with day-to-day bookkeeping or entering transactions at the end of each month. We have the resources to grow with you as your business grows and bring the skills and experience you need as your business evolves in financial complexity.

Our Specialties

Nonprofits: Financial management for nonprofits differs from the for-profit sector. Nonprofits often have limited budgets, time and IT resources, which can all impede appropriate accounting, financial statements and financial reporting. Our accounting professionals understand the nuances and complexities of nonprofit bookkeeping, and we’re well-versed in the specificity of nonprofit financial management and the complexity of nonprofit audit preparation. We effectively get your finances in order, track your funds, including grants, and manage your audits. Besides the services we provide, we also help locate a certified public accountant qualified to serve as an independent auditor for any required accounting reviews or audits and to accurately prepare your annual Form 990.

Startups: Quickly growing start-ups often don’t have the time, energy or ability to create an effective internal accounting infrastructure, which makes the need for accounting and bookkeeping services especially important. We’re familiar with the scaling challenges start-ups face, and we’re proficient in the financial applications and platforms required to make your bookkeeping easier and more efficient. Our accounting and financial services team takes a personalized approach, combined with our vast experience, to provide you with a clear, concise financial picture through digital delivery of bookkeeping and reconciliation. This valuable service is particularly important for start-ups requiring financial fitness and seeking to raise capital.

Financial Expertise You Can Count On

We take our clients’ finances seriously and understand that accuracy is of the utmost importance. Through our accounting expertise, part-time CFO consulting and bookkeeping services, we help nonprofit and for-profit organizations reach their financial goals. We unequivocally stand behind our work and never deliver anything less than the highest level of satisfaction. Contact us at 978-809-3282 to learn more about the financial services we provide, or request a consultation online.

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