Bloated inventory. Overextended debt. Market share erosion. Runaway expenses. Unforeseen market dynamics. These are only some of the destabilizing hazards that can lead companies into serious financial distress and highlight the need for financial restructuring services.

At Navitance, our CROs, or Chief Restructuring Officers, are skilled at assessing current company performance and market dynamics to quickly identify the undermining causes and develop step-by-step tactics for corporate renewal.

The pressure on an organization during a restructuring can’t be underestimated. Our team will provide comprehensive support and financial restructuring services to help you through the transition. In fact, we have implemented a pricing model with your needs in mind:

  • Evergreen Retainer requires payment of a fixed incremental sum, billed when a retainer minimum balance is reached. Our team will manage the retainer balance and automatically issue a bill for the fixed amount once the balance has dipped below a minimum that we have established together. This structure is intended to keep your costs manageable during a time of transition.

To correct dangerous imbalances and return companies to a steady, solvent state, sophisticated restructuring is required.

By choosing Navitance, you’ll gain the benefit of a partner with both turnaround expertise and CFO-level strategic insight. Your company can redefine and strengthen its financial base with corrective measures while gaining forward-looking strategies to further future success.

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Our Financial Restructuring Services Include:
  • Interim crisis turnaround financial management and fiduciary services
  • Restructuring advisory services, including strategic assessment, business plan analysis and development
  • Liquidity management, including cash flow forecasting, working capital and vendor management
  • Performance improvement initiatives
  • Bankruptcy accounting and compliance
  • Capital solutions for insolvent companies, including support with capital raises, capital optimization, debt restructuring and balance sheet de-leveraging
  • Lender/credit advisory services
  • Metrics, measurement, benchmarking and accountability

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