Comprehensive Accounting and

Bookkeeping Services

Whether you need help handling aspects of your day-to-day bookkeeping services or simply entering transactions at the end of each month, our team of CPAs and financial professionals at Navitance can take charge of your financial books and get them in order with our comprehensive virtual bookkeeping services. We have decades of experience and offer a suite of financial services for small businesses, nonprofits and other organizations of all sizes and industries to help keep their financials on track.

Bookkeeper for Small Businesses

Benefits of Outsourcing with Navitance

When you outsource your company’s bookkeeping with Navitance, you benefit from our extensive financial experience and accounting services and having a neutral third party reviewing your books. Outsourcing also saves you time, compared to handling the books internally, and you avoid the labor burden and liability of a full-time, internal bookkeeping department. Some of the many other benefits of outsourced bookkeeping services include:

  • Focusing on growing your business
  • Working with experienced professionals who provide consistently accurate business accounting data
  • Gaining an objective third-party perspective on financial planning and cash flow decisions
  • Avoiding late fees by keeping current on accounts payable
  • Decreasing accounts receivable turnover time with quicker payments through a more effective accounting system and improved invoice management
  • Lowering operating costs by negotiating payment terms with vendors
  • Getting complex tasks handled, such as payroll and employee expense reimbursement
  • Ensuring sales and use tax reports are filed
  • Having information for your annual business tax return provided

Core Bookkeeping Services

Many bookkeeping tasks must be done on a weekly basis to ensure your financials stay on track. We believe you shouldn’t be distracted from growing your business by bookkeeping and accounting demands. As your outsourced bookkeeping experts, we enable you to get back to running your business instead of worrying about your books. You can customize your virtual bookkeeping services to meet your needs with services including, but not limited to:

  • Maintaining chart of accounts with no accounting software expense or QuickBooks online knowledge needed
  • Recording financial transactions, including sales, purchases, payments and receipts, into journals using accrual or cash basis accounting methods
  • Managing accounts receivable, including customer invoicing and payment receipts
  • Managing accounts payable, including vendor invoicing and bill paying
  • Performing bank reconciliations
  • Making sales tax payments and preparing sales tax returns
  • Posting journal summaries into the general ledger at period ends
  • Preparing the unadjusted trial balance at period ends
  • Preparing 1099s for independent contractors at year-end

At Navitance, we also have the resources to grow with you as your business grows, bringing you the skills and experience you need as your company evolves in value and financial planning complexity.

Reliable Bookkeeping Solutions

When you need reliable virtual bookkeeping services for your business or organization, Navitance can help. Whether your business is a startup or a long-established organization, our suite of financial services benefits businesses of all sizes across sectors. We take our clients’ finances seriously and understand that accuracy is of the utmost importance to every business owner. We’re deeply committed to earning your trust and gaining your highest level of satisfaction. Contact us at 978-809-3282 to learn more about our virtual bookkeeping services or request a consultation online.

Deborah Cecere

“We considered Laura a part of the team here at the Iacocca Foundation… Navitance’s involvement went well beyond the process of just moving numbers around. Laura’s initiative, her formal intake process at the start of her engagement, and her outstanding organization skills and expertise gave us true peace of mind about the bookkeeping function in our company. Navitance is head and shoulders above all others. Navitance taught us several lessons about bookkeeping and accounting, and the impact of our business decisions as they related to proper bookkeeping.”

Deb Cecere, Operations Manager, The Iacocca Foundation
Bookkeeping Services include but are not limited to:
  • Maintaining Chart of Accounts
  • Recording financial transactions, including purchases, sales, receipts and payments into journals, on either cash or accrual basis of accounting
  • Managing accounts payable, including vendor bill paying
  • Managing accounts receivable, including customer invoicing
  • Preparing sales tax returns and making sales tax payments
  • Performing bank reconciliations
  • Posting journal summaries into the general ledger at the period end
  • Preparing the unadjusted trial balance at the period end
  • Preparing 1099s for the independent contractors at year-end

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